'Pearl Nights' 2015


‘Pearl Night’ Hosting Information


Hosting a ‘Pearl Night’ is a brilliant opportunity to facilitate an inspiring intimate night of acoustic music combined with story telling and biblical truth that truly ministers. Hear Lara sing songs and share life lessons that communicate a message of hope. 'Pearl' is a concert that allows the listener time for personal reflection and the opportunity to engage with God right where they are sitting. It makes it a suitable event for people who may feel more comfortable in a concert setting rather than a more formal church service.

It suits all ages and the concert can be adapted to the size of your venue.




“During my time working with jewellery I learnt that while an oyster is experiencing discomfort, something of great value is growing on the inside. My heart is to convey this message through the ‘Pearl’ nights so that it creates an atmosphere of encouragement and hope. I want guests to not only enjoy an evening of great music but to also be reminded of the sovereignty and goodness of God in all things.

For those who have no experience of God, my prayer is that a door will open and they will catch a glimpse of Him. Can’t wait to come meet you all.”

Lara Martin



We ask for the Host church to provide:

   Sound system suitable for keyboard, acoustic guitar and 2 vocal mics on stands

 In-house Lighting rig if already installed and available to use (but not essential)

 AV system if already installed and available to use (but not essential)

 Sound engineer & technical support where required (i.e lights/AV if used)

 A comfortable stool to perform from

 Promotion within in the church (website, social media etc.) and other churches in the locality

 A small table for product and a volunteer to assist with sales

Light refreshments for Lara and team prior to and after the event*

(*if the event is more than 2 hours away we ask for a light meal to be provided)

 A hotel where necessary*  

(*If travel distance is over 2 hours by car to the venue the option of a hotel will be discussed - Premier Inn, Holiday Inn Express equivalent. This may also incur additional travel costs)



 Lara plus one other musician

 Resources to help you promote the event i.e. photos, write ups, music samples

 Promotion through Lara’s website and other social media opportunities

 Graphics on the night for AV screens (if AV already installed and available to use)

 Resources to sell at the event

 A quality evening whatever the audience size



If your church would like to proceed further please write to us supplying us with the required information (below) and we will get back to you with estimated costs.

Email: fingerprintresources@gmail.com



♦ Name of Contact

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♦ Name of Church/Organisation

♦ Church Address (incl. postcode) or proposed venue i.e. coffee shop/cafe etc.

♦ Church Website address  

♦ Church email address

♦ Name of Minister/Pastor/Leader

♦ Numbers you expect to attend

♦ Main Purpose of Event


Email: fingerprintresources@gmail.com



Hear from those who have attended a ‘Pearl Night’


“If you want to be inspired, moved and challenged then I encourage you to book Lara to come and share her faith journey - she ministers powerfully over people through her songs as well as through an honest sharing of her life experiences."

Maria Rodrigues, Premier Christian Radio


“An amazing evening to uplift and inspire your soul!  Lara sensitively takes difficult and sometimes personally painful life stories and demonstrates that through Gods faithfulness and love a beautiful Pearl can be created.  This uplifting evening is creatively put together and is and inspirational testimony to Gods goodness, grace and mercy.”

Andy Bodkin, CCLI


“Lara Martin’s album ‘Pearl’ was a joy to witness being launched. As a worship leader and artist Lara ministers into the heart of the listener – taking them with her to the throne room of Heaven.”

Bill Partington,
UCB Head of Strategic Ministry Relations


“One of the best things that a leader can do for their church is to host the Pearl tour. In the song 'Soothe', Lara has crafted a song of victory out of the raw material of personal loss - outstanding.  I cannot recommend this ministry or this tour too highly.”

John Glass, Elim General Superintendent & Chair of the Evangelical Alliance Council


“As a church it was our privilege to be able to host the launch night of Lara’s album Pearl.  This was an event, which our church and their guests thoroughly enjoyed. Lara shared many stories that people could connect with personally creating a great atmosphere of faith, hope and fun. We highly recommend this event to other churches.”

Pastor Jason & Lynda Heron, Elim Northampton


“The ‘Pearl Night’ was a great night out, entertaining, musical and just great fun. I highly recommend it.

Mick Spratt, Wigwam Acoustics Ltd


"An inspirational collection of songs from the heart, each crafted in the workshop of a life lived for Jesus"

Pastor Stephen Matthew, Life Church


“You will definitely enjoy the Pearl tour.  Pearl is quite simply a collection of beautiful songs that tell the story of Lara's journey so far.  I suspect that's why the songs somehow seem so personal because we're all on a journey too. These songs have the ability to really minister.  Get your tickets and get ready for an evening of fun and of reflection.”

Pastor Steve and Julia Derbyshire, City Gates, East London




Email: fingerprintresources@gmail.com