Pearl Night - Church On The Way, Bradford

On Saturday night I went back to the church where my faith journey started age 5. I had been invited to share some songs from my journey at their monthly acoustic night. They presented me with a CD of the first recordings I ever made in 1986. They were of course originally on cassette back then but they'd had them specially burned onto a disc. 

I performed the first song I wrote called 'The Robin' at the same church age 6. I sat on a stool in front of the church and sang it with my guitar. The wonderful Ann Clifford had been teaching me a few chords after the church service each Sunday. (Ann is married to Steve Clifford - Evangelical Alliance) I was taken back this past Saturday night when they brought out the same stool for me to sing from. The last time I sat on that stool was in 1986..29 years ago!! Just goes to show they don't make them like they used to .

Thank you to everyone who came. It was overwhelming to play to a packed house of people I recognised from my childhood to date. God weaves the detail of our lives so intricately. I am forever grateful to those who invested in me in my early years at the church particularly Ann Clifford & John Brett. 
Never underestimate children and the impact you may have on their lives. You are literally shaping the future.