Lara Martin is a singer/songwriter from the United Kingdom. Lara is best known for her songs God is Here, The Voice of Hope and Divine Exchange. More recent songs include Be With Me, Between Trapezes and Soothe from her latest album Pearl.

Lara is also a public speaker and gives talks at various conferences, events and churches.  She has a unique way of combining her gift in music with telling stories from her own experiences in life.  Her message is one of hope. 

Lara lives in Yorkshire with her husband Jon and their two children. In 2014, Lara, in partnership with International Children's Charity World Vision, launched a brand new series of events called Embrace.  These evenings of praise and worship are held in churches all across the UK.  Lara also supports Saying Goodbye – remembrance services for babies lost through miscarriage, still birth or infancy and often sings in their services held in cathedrals around the UK.

Lara hosts 'Pearl Nights', which are intimate nights of accoustic music combined with story telling and biblical truths.

Lara is passionate about equiping local church worship leaders, singers and musicians and supports The Kingdom Worship Movement, a non-denominational and multicultural organisation in the UK.


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Lara has written and recorded songs which are sang in congregations all over the world (See Discography), some of which she has performed on BBC One’s Songs Of Praise and at the historic National Day Of Prayer And Worship at Wembley Stadium in 2012.  Lara's songs are regularly played on radio stations including BBC Radio 2.  Lara has also had a number of her songs recorded by other international artists including Sonic Flood, Michelle Tumes, Christine Dente & Susan Ashton and X Factors Beverley Trotman as well as recordings on many compilation albums worldwide including 'The Best Worship Songs Ever' series (Virgin).